New launch from Puredistance! SHEIDUNA will steal your heart!

Hello, darlings! 

   How are you? I am excited to share with you some very good news: one of my favourite perfume houses, Puredistance, will launch a new creation late this year. It's name is SHEIDUNA and I am so excited about it! 

   Perfumes are part of my life. We are inseparrable and when it comes to testing something new, I am insatiable. I feel that a scent can tell so much about its wearer, it can reveal our fears, our emotions and our most hidden feelings. A perfume is like a liquid story, that never stops writing itself because every single person that discovers it will add something personal, a new chapter to the scent: a memory, a feeling or a tear. 

   Back to Puredistance now, here is a little hint: 

“Puredistance SHEIDUNA is a rich and intense Perfume inspired by the sensations evoked by majestic golden sand dunes in the desert during sunset - soft curves changing from deep gold to warm red, embodying a promise of sensual comfort and silent and natural seduction.” 
    The bottle will look in the same style as Puredistance has accustomed us: sleek, elegant and precious. This time, the colors chosen to represent SHEIDUNA are deep red and gold. 
Via Fragrantica

    I am more than happy that Cecile Zarokian is the perfumer behind SHEIDUNA, as I love her creations and I find her very passionate and creative. 

    The notes were not revealed yet, but I imagine SHEIDUNA as a woody-oriental, maybe with a soft gourmand hint. I can't wait to discover it! 

    What I like the most about this house, is the fact that it takes the process of creating a perfume to a different level, ot looks at perfume like a piece of art. The developing of a new creation is very laborious, but it worths the wainting every single time. 

What are your favourite perfumes from the House of Puredistance? 


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